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About The Choral Activities Area

University Choirs are open to all students at UA, regardless of major. All university choirs perform a variety of music from throughout history and around the world. Come be part of an amazing, diverse, welcoming group of students. Develop your individual vocal technique and musicianship skills. Create a beautiful ensemble sound. Perform every semester. Find your place in one of our University of Alabama Choirs!

The UA Choral Activities Area works closely with the Music Education, Opera, and Voice Departments to provide vocal music majors with the comprehensive experiences they need to be prepared for a professional career in music.

The UA Choral Activities Area consists of the graduate choral conducting degree program as well as all University Choirs, including Chamber Choir, Women’s Chorus, University Chorus, and University Singers, the premier vocal ensemble in the UA School of Music.

For more information, use the menu above or the links below:

  • University Choirs— Learn about each choir and how to join.
  • Graduate Choral Studies— See the graduate choral conducting program and how to apply.
  • Programs— Discover special opportunities for high school musicians and their teachers.
  • FAQ— Find answers to common questions about joining a university choir.